Use AI to build in Minecraft

Use text to describe what you want and Mirage’s AI powered platform creates 3D schematics you can paste in Minecraft

Transform your thoughts into 3D design

Generate 3D assets in seconds.

Text Prompt

Simplify the time-consuming and repetitive aspects of 3D design. Use our AI powered text prompt to instantly create infinite 3D meshes and high-fidelity, tilable textures.

API Access

Our API allows you to generate 3D meshes or textures in your application. Accelerate internal design teams, expose 3D to your customers, and much more!

Style Matching

Desired styles can be uploaded and used to determine the generated texture. Use a seed image with an object or style type to help our AI match and output the desired style.

Asset Export

Easily export your generated mesh or texture to use with your favorite design tool. Every texture is tileable and includes the normal and displacement maps (more coming soon)!

Use cases

What’s next!!

We’re constantly improving our product to help more designers

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Real-time collaboration from anywhere in the world. Share your projects and design with your team to create 3D assets that best suit your needs.

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Export to any of your favorite design tools today, but we’re working on building integrations with 3D tools like Blender, Unity, Spline, etc.

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Mixed Reality

Augmented and virtual reality is the future of interaction. We're excited to be building the tools that will help bring this future to everyone.

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Hundreds of fully customizable templates will soon be available to help accelerate 3D design. Publishing custom templates will also be available.

We’re excited to work with our community to unlock 3D design!

Don’t see what you want you want? Reach out or join the discord for requests!